Seychelles island hopping on budget in just 3 days ( hotels, flights, itinerary)


While planning our trip from India to Johannesburg we came across a different option of layover than our usual middle-eastern airlines, Air Seychelles offers a multi-day layover in Seychelles while flying from Mumbai to Johannesburg( vice-versa) in the same cost as the normal connection , We booked it immediately because flying separately only for Seychelles is way more expensive.Before I dive into details of trip just a quick look into our trip


  • Flights: Return flight JNB-BOM-JNB + 4 complete days in Seychelles cost us around ZAR 6000 ( Yay!! bagged a good deal there).

We had only 3 days to spend in Seychelles so we decided to divide it:

1. Arrival in Mahe + Transfer to La Digue + half day exploring La Digue island

Booked Hotel L’Ocean  from for 2 nights (ZAR 2170 / 140 Euros for 2 adults 2 nights)

Booked Ferry Mahe La Digue on seychellesbookings ( 234 Euros for 2 adults), this ferry has a connection in Praslin where we had to move luggage from one ferry to other as those are two different operators.

2. Half day snorkeling trip to neighboring islands

This activity can be booked from Hotel or on the spot, so we did not book in advance ( also it highly depends on the weather and season of visiting)

3. Early morning transfer to Mahe + Full day at Mahe

Hired car from the airport for last day (50 Euros/Day) as Mahe is relatively big and we did not have enough time for public transport ( though public transport is very reliable and cheap). Would highly recommend Nelson Car Hire Shop.

Now that bookings are explained, moving to the actual trip.


my natural hammock !

Arrived at the airport early morning. Searched for the police station, found it immediately on the right side of the exit, stored all our extra luggage there because island hopping is no fun with too many bags to drag around.

Tip: Airport police station stores any number of bags for FREE, the only requirement is that bags should have locks or lamination.

Grabbed a taxi (Nelson Car hire shop at the airport) from the airport which dropped us to ferry terminal in Mahe ( cost – 300 SCR). We then waited at ferry terminal – caught our ferry at sharp 10.30am which arrived at Praslin 11.30, caught the next ferry to La Digue at 11.45 which dropped us to La Digue ferry terminal at 12 pm.

Taxi in La Digue
Taxi at ferry terminal of La Digue

Our hotel did not have a pick-up service so we opted for a taxi in the photo, cool right?

Conversing with the taxi driver we came to know Seychelles is very laid back and probably the safest place in Africa ( could not believe that after spending a year in Joburg ! )

The whole island is 10 km² so we arrived at Hotel L’Ocean in less than 5 minutes!  ( 100 SCR)

This hotel was okay for the amount paid but it’s on not so visited side of the island and 2 km away from the downtown, cycling to town for little things from there was not easy.

Hotel L’Ocean , La Digue island

We rented bicycles from the hotel reception BECAUSE its the primary mode of transport and it is FUN! ( SCR 100 per night for one bicycle). We left for island tour right away, cycled around, clicked loads of photos



Cycling here was a bliss!

Mocktail with view !

Closed the day watching the sunset at Fishtrap and sipping a satisfying mocktail.

This place was calm, there are few restaurants around so we chose a Chinese takeaway place and had our dinner watching this surreal view.

Food is a big expense if you opt for fancy restaurants, instead, local island food was tasty and reasonably priced ( 120 SCR for dinner of two people)



Cycled to one of the most photographed beaches in the world “Anse Source d’argent”, I cant express the beauty in words, hope these pictures would do some justice 🙂


Anse Source d'argent
Anse Source d’argent, La digue

In L’Union Estate where we saw so many turtles and lovely trees …

L’Union Estate, La Digue

on our way back, we went to the jetty and booked half day snorkeling tour to neighboring small islands

Then watched beautiful sunset at beach Anse Severe



Early morning ferry dropped us to Mahe where we picked our rental car from the airport. Visited famous Beau Vallon beach in Mahe

Beau Vallon
Popular Beau Vallon Beach, Mahe

Drove to the start of Copolia trail and hiked 90 minutes to see this fantastic view of Victoria city


In Mahe we stayed at Coco Blanche self-catering accommodation, its a bit far from the city but perfectly located near the Anse Royale beach, it was quite spacious and comfortable

Coco blanche

Next morning we left for the airport marking the end of our wonderful trip!


Feel free to drop your suggestions in the comments section!

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