Aasiya and Shahabaaz. Indian IT couple ( I know ! our kind is found all over the world) working full time jobs and fortunate enough to have gotten business travels to few countries, these work related trips turned into personal travel addiction in no time , We started spending our hard earned money in trips – a lot of them( because its exciting and it makes us so happy).Along the way we were blessed with a baby boy and we are still learning to be parents but that’s going to last for our lifetime.

This blog is our diary open to the digital world where we share our journeys made out of weekends, long weekends, holidays, paid leaves , airline layovers, parenting, saving money and growing towards financial freedom! .

We share the surname Pathan and love flying , Therefore FlyingPathans it is 🙂

Hope flyingpathans entertains and inspires you for all the right reasons!

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